Boogie Time Duke Entertainment has been servicing Weddings and Private Parties in the Wisconsin area for more than 30 years. As a result of our many years in the industry, we have perfected the art of creating a truly memorable celebration for your special event.

Our service offers the talent and skills of our master of ceremonies/DJs, who are highly qualified. We give an unmatched experience in music programming and social interactions will make your special day fun and unique for family and friends.

We have state of the art professional sound and stage lighting that will add style, sophistication, and elegance to your event. We also can provide audio sound for outdoor events like wedding ceremonies, making it a day to remember.

Music variety is key to entertaining guests of all ages. Our extensive music library ranges from the big band era to today's most current tunes and everything in between. This allows your guests to enjoy their favorite request while dancing the night away.

Our Wedding Dj's



My love for music entertainment was first discovered back in elementary school, when I bought my parents record player to school to perform my first gig, a school dance. It took off from there putting together my first DJ system, performing for high school and youth center dances. Through the years I honed my M.C. skills upgrading my equipment. Today my decades of experience has been featured in two international magazines, Mobile Beat and DJ Times. I'm proud to offer the most innovative concepts in lighting and sound in the industry, with exceptional qualified staff to surpass all your entertainment needs.

Daniel Green

Dan has been a DJ since the age of 15. It would be hard to find a DJ who has logged more "mic" time than Dan. You name the event and he probably has done it. He is a music historian that loves all types of music and he knows every decade of music from the past to the current hits. You don't want to get into a game of "Name that Tune" with this guy! He is comfortable entertaining any event from high school prom's to 50th anniversary celebrations. He is diverse enough to lead preschoolers in a game of red light green light or give a rousing introduction for the grand entry to a wedding party. He specializing in doing crazy events and contests requested by his clients to enhance their party. Loaded with personality he can make the quietest crowd get up and dance. With hundreds of weddings, proms, anniversaries, and birthdays under his belt he can bring your event to life.

Andy Lorge

Andy has been singing ever since he could talk. Influenced greatly by his family and their love for music, family gatherings always involved singing. Now, his charismatic attitude and passion for music gets the crowd going. Some of his musical influences include Jim Croce, Peter, Paul & Mary, Bon Jovi, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers and too many others to mention. Andy does not favor one particular genre of music over others, but when it comes down to it, he loves to rock and roll! Because of his true passion for music, Andy resigned from his day job for several years to pursue a career in music more whole-heartedly and thoroughly enjoyed his experience. As Andy puts it, "Do what you love with all of your heart and your life will be rich in more ways than money can buy." Andy has been with Boogie Time Duke Entertainment since 2005 and Deejayed countless weddings and hosted karaoke shows at bars and clubs throughout the state of WI.

Mr. Pete

What type of party do you want? Casual, rockin’, ambient, fun, chill, dance? Together we will take your ideas, and my music expertise, to create the party you want. I pride myself on making your party reflect your music style and preference. If you don’t know what your music preference might be, or what your guests might enjoy… I can help with that too. My music background includes: acappella groups, bands, musicals, guitar, and drums. I use these entertaining skills to make your party an enjoyable one for all your guests. If you are having a once in a lifetime party, or an annual event, you want a DJ you can trust-in. I hope I’m that DJ.

Matt Brulla

From intimate family gatherings, lavish weddings, karaoke nights, and everything in between, Matt has proven himself to be one of the top emcees in the area. A tech nerd by day, Matt comes alive with a microphone in his hand and loves nothing more than to help people have the time of their lives. No playlists here, either...everything is off the cuff, tailored for you and your guests on the spot (so bring on those requests)! If you’re looking for an emcee that will go “beyond the booth” look no further! Matt will make your dream event a reality.

Wendy & Nick

I was born and raised in the entertainment industry. My parents and siblings have all been in the D.J. business at one time or another. I've learned my craft from the best. My D.J. partner and(husband) Nick specialize in weddings, corporate and private functions. We offer a diverse music selection plus social interaction with our guests, promising a fun time for all.

Paul Metz

Paul started DJing in 1988 and has been active in the private entertainment industry ever since. He has entertained all types of events ranging from private parties to formal ceremonies. Paul is known best for his crowd engagement and his ability to involve everyone in the event's festivities. Paul also stays up to date with the current trends to make each event exciting and engaging. Paul has also performed live in front of crowds as large as 1000 or more. Always professional, dynamic and focused on making each event special and memorable.

Seth Woods

Music has always been a passion of mine from early childhood on. I'm at my best when music involved in my life. In past employment I've worked with other entertainment companies perfecting my D.J. skills. I'm now excited to be working for the elite Boogie Time Duke Entertainment company. I've now mastered my karaoke D.J. duties and enjoy it so much, interacting with all the singers out there. I also currently perform with my band "Pineapple Hunks" which also keeps my social skills on point. I'm looking forward to entertaining at special events, wedding, dances etc. Making enjoyable experiences for everyone.

Our Karaoke Dj's

Cassandra Pawasarat

Cassandra Pawasarat

Cassandra has been singing since the moment she could talk, you could say she's a natural born entertainer. Her charismatic personality allows her to easily interact with the audience and puts everyone in the party mood She has an extensive musical theater background which showcases her passion for singing, dancing and acting. Her vast knowledge off all musical genres offers guests all ages to participate and add to the fun of their event. Cassandra is excited to be working with Boogie Time Duke Entertainment, along side some of the most professional entertainers in the D.J. business. Enjoy her performance at your next event.
Tegan Gonzalez

Tegan Gonzalez

Returning to the area we welcome back Tegan to the staff. Tegan knows what it takes for a great show and is ready to entertain you at her next show, giving you a fun karaoke night that will have you anxiously waiting for her next show. Check out our events calender for karaoke shows.

Dustin Alexandroni

Karaoke Host & DJ - Check out Dustin next show for Karaoke Fun and a Great Video Mix